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CTN serves a wide array of industries that depend on various types of machines and equipment for day to day operations. These industries often coincide or overlap in areas enabling CTN to leverage existing relationships and resources to provide our Clients and Members with cross-functional support. The financial performance of Company’s serving these industries, is dependent on the operational efficiency of the machinery and equipment owned and operated. CTN provides comprehensive coverage and services in various industries as outlined to assist our Clients and Members in achieving success.

Power Generation

cerio-power-generationThe global electricity industry generates about 20 trillion kilowatt hours (KWh) of electricity. The electric power industry provides the production and delivery of electric energy, often known as power, or electricity, in sufficient quantities to areas that need electricity through a grid connection. The grid distributes electrical energy to end user customers for operation of domestic appliances, office equipment, industrial machines as well as other domestic and commercial needs. Electric power is generated by central power stations or by distributed generation and effective delivery is dependent on equipment that is tested and maintained on a regular basis.


cerio-hvacHeating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment are climate control systems installed in commercial and residential buildings. Additional to providing thermal comfort HVAC systems are meant to provide accept able indoor air quality and the ability to regulate and maintain the facility requirements. An HVAC system typically consists of central heating, forced or displacement ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Central heating equipment generally consists of a furnace or heat pump used to heat water, steam or air in a central location, and then distributes the heat through piping or ductwork. Optimum operation and performance of HVAC systems is instrumental in ensuring proper environmental requirements and conditions for human presence and operational conditions for industrial equipment such as computer servers in data centers.

Heavy Equipment

cerio-equipmentHeavy equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for the mining, forestry, logging, scrap handling, construction and material handling industries, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. Machines include excavators, wheel loaders, shredders and grinders, crushers, screens, reclamation and much more. Generally speaking, heavy equipment is very costly and is a core component of many companies. Downtime of such equipment can be detrimental to an organization and result in negative financial impact to the company.

Forklift & Hoist

cerio-forklistForklift and hoist equipment is equipment that relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Material handling equipment is the mechanical equipment involved in the complete system or process of moving material/product form one place to another. Material handling equipment is generally separated into four main categories: storage and handling equipment, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and bulk material handling. There is a comprehensive range of material handling equipment and the operational performance of such equipment is instrumental for the entire supply chain management process.

Pumps & Compressors

cerio-pumpsThe pumps and compressors includes reciprocating pumps, turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, rotary pumps, diaphragm pumps, domestic water system pumps, oil well and oil field pumps, and sump pumps. Most products manufactured are sold to original equipment manufacturers serving the coal, oil and gas industries, and the construction sector. Product performance and reliability are basic requirements for these components as they are generally support equipment for manufacturing and construction industries.