CTN Members


CTN leads by successfully competing, while maintaining our values of respect for all Members of our community. We deliver on our commitments by clearly communicating expectations, and then passionately pursuing results. We strive for the highest quality in every action.

We recognized that individuals entering into the workforce, as professional tradesman, had been steadily declining for more than two decades. Those individuals that continued to pursue careers as technical tradesmen were highly sought after by equipment OEM’s. Unfortunately, once these technical resources were recruited and hired, they are generally treated like a commodity leading to a decrease in satisfaction and performance. As a result, an increasing number of these individuals desired to become independent operators but often were not prepared to handle the back office and financial requirements of running their own businesses. We recognized that independent companies could not compete with national OEM Distributor organizations unless they established new methods to compete in the marketplace.

CTN enables independent technicians to be competitive, drive out costs, and optimize productivity with their businesses. We serve our members with expert advice, aggregated buying power, business management services, and processing efficiencies.

CTN offers critical advantages in the face of numerous challenges, including continued economic uncertainty, changing legislation, and rising energy costs. We are focused on the business needs of our customers and we maintain a commitment to integrity in everything we do.

By drawing on our expertise and resources, CTN helps independent service companies achieve more than they could on their own – so they can focus on what they do best.